Lawrence of Arabia

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Doctor Harpy Lady-Fascist assured me that pursuing studies in Classics or Archaeology in college would guarantee me unemployment in my future

Thank you Doctor Harpy Lady-Fascist, your input is valuable, because you are the mental doctor unit that guided me from being an uncomfortable autistic child to being a slightly less uncomfortable autistic teenager

Thank you Doctor Harpy Lady-Fascist, for assuring me that the end outcome of my life will inevitably be rendered futile if it doesn’t give me a bulging wallet

Thank you Doctor Harpy Lady-Fascist, for displaying such a keen interest in my SAT score and for so graciously demanding that I tell you where I eventually go to college

I am a whole adult!

Success is my destiny!

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You can’t tell me what to do, Gandhi

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I can’t stop thinking about the Mithras statues I saw in France

Someone went to all the time

Poured out their dedication and their love

And put those up in a sacred space

And now they’re in museums

And all the Mithraeums are gone

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effingcat said: YES I WILL

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If I make another post will effingcat like it

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Did Jesus ever have to convince a stranger’s cute cat that he meant no harm and that he just wanted to cuddle with the cat

Or did the cat just realize that he was Jesus

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alexanderhamiltonisthebottom said: climb the Himalayas

That’s where my people must be

The Himalayas

I’ll do it

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I miss the people I love and want to find enlightenment

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Did I leave a part of myself in France


My retainer

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